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  • English   Welcome to guangzhou shanyou machinery co. LTD

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    addressNo. 17, wenchung road, xintang town, zengcheng district, guangzhou.
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    The good friends in guangzhou machinery co., LTD., adhere to provide advanced design technology, manufacturing technology and strict standards of product as the foundation, with perfect after-sales service to ensure that shape the company's products and brand image. Guangzhou shanyou mechanical equipment co., LTD. Has been committed to the pursuit of excellent quality, advanced technology, and the guarantee of continuous and stable operation in the harsh environment.

    The company has sufficient technology and strength to assist you in completing the production requirements you need, and will enable you to achieve greater economic benefits. When you buy our products, need operation and technical help, no matter where you are in, whether it is due to what causes of failure, will have our first information consultation and help, we will make a substantive response within 24 hours, will actively cooperate with the buyer to solve the problem. Ensure your production stability and improve your productivity.

    Free after-sales service hotline: 400-6128-6128 after-sales service telephone: 020-82366312 15323351901 since its establishment, with "customer satisfaction is our honor" business philosophy, continuous innovation, pursuit of perfection, to cater to the user and the market demand, the company with first-class technology, perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, to provide you with the best quality products, remove your worries, let us hand in hand together to create brilliant tomorrow. The aim of good friends is to survive by quality, develop by reputation and win customers by service.
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