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  • English   Welcome to guangzhou shanyou machinery co. LTD

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    addressNo. 17, wenchung road, xintang town, zengcheng district, guangzhou.
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    Guangzhou good friends machinery equipment co., LTD. Is a focus on engaged in food processing equipment, western kitchen equipment, food packaging equipment production and sales as one of the company, at the same time also will be China's Taiwan and some foreign advanced products introduced to the customer, we provide equipment mainly include: grain flour milling machine, multi-function pulping machine, battery sugar cane juice machine, cutting machine, meat processing equipment, cold drinks and refrigeration equipment, baking pasta pastry equipment, pulp grinding powder juice, fruit and vegetable dehydration equipment, snack equipment series to meet the requirements of different customers, we have established sales department in guangzhou huangpu district and part of the product trial center.

    Company in guangdong province quality inspection association director unit, the company produces the mechanical quality accords with national standard, quality can let the consumer feel free to use, so for the Chinese quality brand assessment center, China brand with good quality, quality assessment committee agreed and certification; Shanyou mechanical equipment co., LTD. Is a well-known brand in China. The company is awarded the title of "China AAA credit enterprise unit" by the administrative organ of guangdong province.

    The company advocates "science and technology as the driving force, quality as the core, service as the fundamental" enterprise spirit, with strong technical force and strong sales service system. Good friends using high and new technology of food machinery, variety, specifications complete, leading quality, considerate service, won the user's praise at home and abroad, good friends machinery best-selling throughout the country and a large number of exports. The company has a mature production workshop. The company has always been manufacturing and processing, in the process of processing, we have accumulated valuable experience. We investigate the market consumer demand of the product, the inspection of the raw materials, the processing of the product details, and the strict technical testing and physical experience. Therefore, each of our products is in the market compared with the similar, cost-effective and high quality products. Good company will be professional products, high-quality service to return the majority of partners.

    The company has a group of outstanding, engaged in this industry for many years of scientific research and development personnel and the high quality of professional talents, relying on the "pioneering and innovative, pragmatic, science" design concept, strict production process, high-quality after-sales service, won the unanimous praise and trust of users, the company since its inception, with "customer satisfaction is our honor" business philosophy, continuous innovation, the pursue is perfect, meet the demand of users and the market the company with first-class technology, perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, to provide you with the best quality products, remove your worries, let us hand in hand together to create brilliant tomorrow. The aim of good friends is to survive by quality, develop by reputation and win customers by service. Company profile
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